Inspired Paintings

Acrylic paintings on canvas that find their inspiration in my simultaneous passion for the dynamism of cities and the beauty of nature.  
Each painting is unique and is the result of a process of reflection, experiences and feelings in a specific context.

Stories on
the wall

"Stories on the wall" is a serie of ten watercolor handmade drawings inspired by the inner child we all have in us, by the dreams and aspirations we had and that escape to us as adults.

This series transports us from the urban dense world to a more free natural world connected to the cycles of the seasons, nature and animals.

"That tree"

Nature inspired Drawings

The contemplation of nature and its perfection are a source of inspiration in everyday life. Through the use of watercolor this reinterpreted beauty becomes very real and perceptible.

"I am the summer"


As reforestation and protection of the natural environment are very important to me. Each time you buy an art creation we will plant  trees together!
I will donate trees to onetreeplanted.org.

''The call of the forest''