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Nice to meet you!


Shanshui Lab is born from the desire to go beyond the limits of a profession, a context and to bring together all the experiences lived in different latitudes and cultures.

Belgian and Greek by origins, I have lived in very contrasted contexts and urban environments, from Brussels – where germanic and latin cultures meet – to the East Mediterranean culture of Athens.

I lived in China for seven years, from Shanghai, the pearl of the Far East, to the traditional and relaxed atmosphere of Chengdu in Sichuan.

Those years in China deeply inspired me and still resonate with me today.

My experience as a civil engineer, architect and planner with an incessant desire to improve living environments and protect nature have fueled my art practice for many years.

The city, the nature and their lack of interaction still feed my thoughts and my creations today.

The observation of nature and its cycles influences and inspires me constantly.

If I had to describe my art, I would say that my creations are revisiting Belgian surrealism, Art Nouveau, symbolism and urbanism.

I like when an art creation transports its interlocutor to another world and makes him travel in his inner world.

“Shanshui” means mountain and water in Chinese and reflects the notion of landscape and the integration of our lives within it. Nowadays, urbanization increasingly needs projects that subtly integrate this notion of nature in our daily urban environments.

The term "Lab" for laboratory expresses the desire to experiment creativity beyond the limits of a specific style, a time period and any judgment.


With love

Anastasia Velnidis Beeldens

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